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Engineered Labor Standards

Engineered labor standards are the key components of any workforce management system.  We incorporate a proven methodology, developed using fundamental Industrial Engineering principles, along with several leading edge tools to develop realistic values for all areas of store operations. 

An engineered labor standard is a scientifically determined time value based on a well defined method that represents optimal efficiency.  The value is an objective measurement that serves as the basis for productivity analysis and the making of sound business decisions. 

The process of developing labor standards may include the following activities:

  • Process / Methods Identification and Definition

  • Work Measurement using an EASE Software 

  • Work Measurement using Work Sampling

  • Work Measurement using Continuous Studies

  • Work Measurement using Time Studies

  • Customer Service / Delay Impact Studies

  • Methods & ROI Analysis

  • Comprehensive Validation Methods

  • Implementation Planning & Strategies

Engineered labor standards can be combined with store profile characteristics and optimum data drivers to develop comprehensive labor models. 


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